The Mission

To bridge the gap between technology and the people who use it.


The Objectives

  • Improve the way people learn how to use their mobile devices.

  • Increase confidence in people‚Äôs abilities to use their mobile devices.

  • Help people understand how their mobile devices operate so they can use them in the most effective and efficient way.

The Strategies

  • Provide hands-on support and assistance with mobile devices.

  • Provide expert advice to questions pertaining to mobile technology and specific functions.

The Action

  • Schedule face to face appointments 

  • Teach client how to setup devices to wifi/Bluetooth networks

  • Help client with device maintenance such as updates, removal of unnecessary applications, backups/restores.

  • Assist client with setting up accounts such as email, social media etc.

  • Answer questions client may have regarding device issues and provide diagnosis.